To Login

Click here to see an example of the Login window.

To gain access to iSAMS you will need the Username and Password provided by your iSAMS Administrator.

To login, follow the steps below:

1.  Enter your Username. This isn't case sensitive.

2.  Enter your Password. Again this isn't case sensitive.

3.  Click Login.

note.gif Note:

Check the Remember my username box if you want your Username to appear in the Login window each time you login to iSAMS. Do not do this if you are using a shared computer.

Your Desktop is now displayed. See Your Desktop for more information.

Alongside the Login window, a number of buttons are available for you to work with.

The buttons shown are explained in the table below:


What is this for...


Select this and complete the fields displayed if you lose your Password. See Lost or Forgotten Password for more information.


Select this and complete the fields displayed if you lose your Username. See Lost or Forgotten Username for more information.


Follow the advice given to ensure that your iSAMS account remains secure.


Click to display your current version of iSAMS. You will be asked for this if you contact the iSAMS Help Desk.

note.gif Note:

Please contact your iSAMS Administrator if you experience any difficulties with Lost Password or Lost Username.